Eyebrow Services

Eyebrow Services


Tinting your brows isn’t about changing their colour entirely, but enhancing what’s already there. Semi-permanent dye, in a tone very close to your natural colour, is added to existing hairs.

The results are much fuller-looking brows. By adding a long-lasting eyebrow tint, you’ll see added definition and structure, with results that last.

Treatment times are short, so it’s a great way to quickly cut time from your makeup routine and the products you use if you’re always rushing in the morning.


Micro-waxing is another hair-removal method and a possible alternative to threading for super-bushy brows.

It works by carefully applying warm wax and then paper strips to your skin. This wax adheres to unwanted hairs and takes them with it when the wax and paper are quickly pulled away.

Discomfort is momentary (although people with sensitive skin may experience some redness for a short time afterward). In fact, it is generally considered to be less painful than threading